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Cruelty Free Cosmetics

Embrace the Cold with Soothing Menthol


Menthol + Magnesium Cream


When Life is Strained, Get Through the Day with CryoMiracle

CryoMiracle is crafted with the highest quality ingredients including 10% menthol + 12.5% magnesium.

We understand that sometimes the strains of life can make it difficult to enjoy your day. Our buttery soft cream provides immediate cooling relief. We source only the finest items and are always clear in our ingredient list. As a result, customers can trust CryoMiracle. Read more about the benefits of menthol here.

Our Process

Emulsification of magnesium and menthol combination mixed into a liquid to create a cream base is not an easy task. Typically, the ingredients separate, leaving the menthol and magnesium in a slurry of watery solution. After years, we have created a formula that mixes these ingredients into a viable cream application that is not greasy, does not stain, and is long lasting. Additionally, CryoMiracle has lavender, peppermint, and pure beeswax. We took the finest products found in the most popular menthol creams and created an all in one product that provides a cooling effect. No other cream on the market has all of the key ingredients as CryoMiracle, and only a few products contain both menthol and magnesium. And as always, our products are Cruelty Free Cosmetics.

Don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself and see why CryoMiracle will be your go to. You can purchase CryoMiracle online or at Coughlin Chiropractic located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Contact us with any questions or wholesale opportunities at customerservice@cryomiracle.com or Buy Now

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