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Now CryoMiracle Menthol + Magnesium cream, began in 2017 as Malindy. As Malindy, we started making handmade soap out of our kitchen and began selling online under the name Malindy LLC. Malindy was born from a hobby that I wanted to share with my daughter. And, I really felt that it would be an opportunity to further our bond.

Popularity grew quite quickly as did our product line. Soon we were handcrafting lotions, scrubs, bath bombs, face creams, lip balms, face masks, and gift sets. Our goal was to create quality products made with the finest ingredients. Extensive research was conducted to ensure that we offered our customers the best products on the market.

In the summer of 2018, a customer asked if we carried a magnesium cream and raved about a handmade product that she had purchased from another company that was no longer in business. I had not heard of a magnesium cream before and inquired as to the benefits of such a product. She described the lotion as having similar benefits to epsom salt.

Intrigued, I started researching the benefits of magnesium and began to wonder why menthol creams on the market had not incorporated magnesium into their recipe. And, I soon found out why. Every time that I would attempt to incorporate the magnesium into the menthol cream, it would soon separate leaving a slurry of sandy residue settling at the bottom of the container. The initial creamy consistency turned into a grainy abrasive ointment. Determined to create this product that I knew would provide benefit to many people, I spent many late nights researching methods in which to incorporate the two. Finally, I was able to identify a form of magnesium that was water soluble, and Malindy Menthol Rub was born.

In 2019, I was contacted by Dr. Shelley Coughlin, who had received one of the Malindy Menthol Rub samples. She stated that she had been searching for an all natural product that she could use as a complement to her chiropractic therapy, and in her search, she had come across our Menthol Rub.


Due to the downturn in the economy as a result of COVID 19, attendance at vendor shows declined drastically and sales were not as prosperous as they had been in the past. Additionally, the abundance of SKU’s being produced by hand was no longer sustainable. The joy that I once felt in hand crafting specialty items had diminished, and I knew that the business was just not scalable or sustainable.

In 2022, the difficult decision was made to dissolve Malindy LLC. Despite the business closing, we still received requests for the Menthol Rub. Around this time, Dr. Coughlin had reached out attempting to place another order. Sadly, I had to tell her that the company was no longer in business.

Over the next six months, after repeated requests, I began making small batches for friends and family. Past customers continued to inquire about the availability of the product. With such an overwhelming response, I decided that this is a product that needs to be available to everyone just like you. The decision was made to rebrand and reopen under a new name with all of our focus being on the Menthol Rub.

After sitting back and watching inflation continue to rise and my 401k and stock investments continuing to decline, I made the decision to liquidate some of these assets and decided to invest in myself instead of large corporations that saw me as a dollar sign. I reached out to Dr. Shelley Coughlin hoping that she had not found another product, and she said that she was not able to find one that compared. She was at the point that she was going to attempt to combine another menthol cream and magnesium cream in an attempt to replicate our product. And that was the day that CryoMiracle was born.

We made the decision to go all in on this product because we believe in it. You can never succeed in life if you don’t take a chance. And I cannot look back on my life and wonder if it could have been. So, I welcome you to take this journey with me. Try our product and see for yourself why it’s worth the investment. Buy Now!

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